Step 1:
Send me an email or a request via the form below. Once I receive your initial email, I will email you back to discuss your custom idea. (Response time is not immediate, so please be patient.) **Please make sure your email address is correct before hitting submit. Please be as specific as possible on your request!

For example:
Shoe make/ model/ size if you are not providing the footwear.

Step 2:
When I email you, together we will come up with a custom design and the best base shoe to use.(In most cases the customer is required to provide the shoe)

Step 3:
Once a design is agreed upon and you are ready to place the order, you may request an invoice.

(All invoices are left active for 24 hours, if they are not paid within that time then they will be cancelled)

Step 4:
After payment is made, you can ship your shoes to the address located on our invoices (All shoes must be shipped with a tracking number and all shoes must be in DS or near DS condition). Once the tracking status on your shoes says “delivered” you are welcome to contact us to confirm.

**There is currently a waiting period…payments save your place in line once it clears. I will let you know the approximate waiting time.

Step 5:
When your shoes are completed, I will provide you with finished images. Then I will ship and will update paypal with the tracking information. PayPal will then email you a notification to let you know your package is on it’s way.

Feel free to email me with any questions/concerns between the time the order is placed and completion of your project.