Project Description

I was contacted by the marketing team from Colt 45 ,a subdivision of Pabst Brewing Company, to create a series of custom sneakers to be used as give-a-ways. Not only did I do my largest series of shoes to date, but I also created the Point of Sales posters used in the display of the stores participating in the campaign. I also did the photographing and editing of the images.  I will update this post with more photos. Here are the shoes and the point of sales for each city.


Colt-CHI11x17-easle Colt-CLV-11x17-easle Colt-GA-11x17-easle Colt-LA-11x17-easle Colt-MPLS-11x17-easle Colt-NATIONAL-11x17-easle Colt-NO-11x17-easle Colt-NY-11x17-easle Colt-Oak-11x17-easle Colt-PHI-11x17-easle Colt-Bmore-11x17-easle