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When Words Aren’t Enough.

I specialize in Freelance Graphic Design from Logos, Branding, Tech Packs, Apparel, Caps etc…

I can fill all your creative needs.


Fine Art


Portraiture, Murals, Fine Artwork.

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Branding & Identity


Endless Possibilities: A Full Creative Service

Imagery for All Projects

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Torii Hunter

Bespoke Dunks made for Torii Hunter of the Anaheim Angels.
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Dwight Howard

Custom Adidas made for Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic.
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Assassins Creed

Bespoke video game themed Nike Air Force One sneakers.
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Corporate Branding

Graphic Design for Branding and Identity. This was work I did for Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd
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Logo Design design for all types of companies.
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Graphics for small businesses…This is for Playground Kidz

These Are Just A Few Main Services, There Are Plenty More

  • Fine Arts

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Graphic Design:

  • Web/Print/Presentations

  • Apparel Design:

  • Clothing/Caps

  • Bespoke Footwear

  • Custom Painting

  • Personal or Business

Sole Junkie